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Tips Stay Healthy During Flu Season

First, it is important to understand how the virus spreads among people. The virus is spread by the droplets that are produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Other people breathe the germs into their system or touch a surface that the infected person has touched. To help protect yourself and your family during this flu season, you should cover your nose and mouth with a tissue each time you cough or sneeze. Remember to throw the tissue away after each use. If you don’t have a tissue, sneeze or cough into your elbow or upper sleeve, not into your hands. Your hands should be washed often with soap and warm water, especially after sneezing or coughing. Alcohol based hand sanitizers can be used at times when you are unable to wash. You should avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth. If you do become sick, try to limit your contact with others. Stay home from work or school until you have been fever free for at least 24 hours.

The most important thing people can do to avoid getting the flu is to get a

Proven Habits to Minimize Snoring

Avoid consumption of alcohol and other sedatives-

Avoid taking alcohol and tranquilizers before going to sleep as this reduces the resting nature of the muscles in the back of the throat and enhances the chance of snoring. According to the doctors a normal person without a snoring issue can even snore after consuming alcohol.

Lose weight-

Another best way to reduce snoring is losing weight. Maintaining proper weight and a healthy diet can help you stay fit and reduce snoring. When you gain weight the fatty tissues accumulate around your neck, which squeezes the airway and obstructs proper air flow. But usually weight loss is helpful to people who started snoring only after putting on weight.

Stay hydrated-

Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated to reduce the possibilities of snoring. Scarcity of fluid intake can make the secretion in the nose and soft palate sticky resulting in blockage of the airway. This leads to snoring. So avoid such problem by including a sufficient amount of liquid in your daily diet.

Start exercising-

Trauma Recovery

Traumatic events are experienced by millions of people every year. Some a person may be fully aware of, and some may be blocked out of their mind for reasons of emotional (and sometimes health physical) survival. In most cases a dramatic experience can’t be kept in check forever, so if you, or someone you know, is experiencing increasing difficulty in thinking clearly, managing overwhelm, or has unexpected outbursts of anger, it’s worth having a first conversation with a Human Givens therapist to explore whether a recent or old traumatic event might be the reason.

I’ve often found that the more simple a process is, the more we can trust it. Like:

  • Food: fruit, vegetables, meat (or not) & carbs in their natural form (if you’re reading dozen’s of ingredients its probably not a great choice) – keep it simple
  • Fitness: run, swim, walk, dance, move, enjoy. Step out of your house and get your heart rate up for 20 minutes. That’s it – keep it simple
  • Friendships: this feels good – do more of it; this feels

Information of Flu

Flu is a highly contagious respiratory illness which can be spread either by the coughing and sneezing of an infected person or from an infected person if you come in close contact with them or even touch them. Flu viruses hit or attack our body by spreading through the respiratory tract. Many of the infected people get better and recover in 1 to 2 weeks, but few people develop serious and critical medical complications like pneumonia. The infected person can spread the flu infection before they are aware of the fact that they are infected. There is no perfect cure for the flu but you can get relief from flu infection with the help of flu treatments. Flu treatment can be obtained with the help of herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies and natural remedies.

Causes of Flu

You may at times wonder about the causes of flu. Flu Infections are usually caused by airborne transmission. To understand details on causes of flu you must first understand the basic flu facts. Knowing about the causes of flu can help you in preventing yourself from getting the flu and its symptoms. So, its very important to know about causes

Citronella Oil

1. Mosquito repellent: Citronella works by masking the smells that mosquitoes use to locate humans. Citronella oil has a rather lemony citrus smell that mosquitoes tend to avoid. Citronella mosquito repellents include patches, bands, creams, lotions, gels, candles, diffusers, vaporizers etc. of these the bands and patches are the most efficient ones. Bands and patches are easy to use either slapped on the hand and ankle, stuck on clothes, caps strollers etc. The only drawback with these is the fact that they need frequent re-application. Apart from that these are by far the safest mosquito repellents for kids.

2. Antiseptic: Citronella has antiseptic properties. It sanitizes wounds and prevents infection. It is Mother Nature’s own antiseptic. However, one should exercise caution about the amount and method of using citronella oil as an antiseptic for the young ones. Citronella while mostly safe can cause allergies, irritation and itching on the skin if not used with proper caution. A few drops of citronella oil can be added to the water used to clean wounds and also when cleaning floors to sanitize the surface.

3. Deodorant: A lot of kids as they grow older tend to have body odor

Stay Cool This Summer

Don’t eat big meals. Nibble on some biscuits if you are feeling peckish. You can choose Oreos, Marie Biscuits, Tennis Biscuits, Romany Creams, or Lemon Creams. Your local cash and carry wholesaler will have a big variety of flavours for you to choose from. Eating a big meal will make you feel hotter, as digestion takes up a lot of energy and this generates body heat. Stay cooler by eating smaller portions and drinking ice cold bottled water or juice.

Wear light coloured clothes. Dark colours absorb much more heat than light ones, so stay clear of black. White, beige and light pastel colours are the best shades to wear during unbearable heat waves.

Use water. We all know the best way to cool down or keep cool is to drink water. Drink bottled water such as Aquella, Avian, and Nestle to cool off. If you don’t have a swimming pool, you can still make a little water go a long way. Dab a cloth with water and put it on the pressure points of your body, namely, your wrist, temples, elbows and all joint creases. Drinking ice cold water will cool the body down quicker. Remember don’t

Get Rid of Swollen Ankles

Water retention is the body’s lack of ability to rid itself of excess water resulting in tissues holding on to more than necessary.

Some things to look out for when it comes to retaining water and swelling of the ankles and feet are:

• Noticeable weight gain in a short amount of time, despite diet. There is a direct correlation between the amount of sodium consumed and water retention, which is a reason that overweight people tend to be more susceptible.

• Pain is also a common symptom of swelling. This pain is typically mild and described as uncomfortable.

• If you push on the area for a few seconds and your finger leaves a dent or a divet, that is a most definite sign of swelling in the area.

Problems with Pharmaceuticals

Doctor prescribed medications for water retention and swelling of the ankles are available. These specific drugs are called diuretics or “water pills.” However, like any prescription medication out there they are not without their side effects.

Side effects include:

• Sexual Dysfunction

• Gout

• Dizziness

• Increased urination

• Unreliable blood test results

Medical Alert System


Apart from the FCC regulation that applies to all radio transmitting products, many medical alert and personal emergency response products fall outside of regulation as far as user safety is concerned. Most manufacturers have their products tested and listed as compliant with the UL standard for home healthcare signaling equipment (UL1637), however some services are additionally registered with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) because the manufacturers define their Medical Alert products as Medical Devices, for instance Tunstall’s Vi and CEL products used in the Walgreens Ready Response service.

Data Privacy:

Another important aspect of operating a service is maintaining the security of subscriber’s confidential information that may be stored on the services database or discussed during calls. Some but not all providers operate a HIPAA compliant data policy. HIPAA is a federal law that provides for the protection of individually identifiable health information that is transmitted or maintained in any form or medium. The privacy rules affect the day-to-day business operations of all organizations that provide medical care and maintain personal health information.

Paying for a Medical Alert Service:

In the past, a subscriber to a Medical Alert Service would very

Homeopathic Flu Remedies

A cold will last typically up to a week. The flu can last longer. The after effects of having the flu, longer still. Flu symptoms include, but are not limited to, body ache, cough, hot and cold sweat, fatigue, headache, fevers, nausea, vomiting, sore throat, and losing their appetite. A persistent cough might develop as part of or after having the flu. It’s best to try homeopathic remedies before the flu becomes full blown and all these symptoms manifest.

The influenza virus is an infectious disease that afflicts mammals and birds. It is highly contagious and usually airborne. People who have the flu are often strongly advised to stay home, especially with so many variations of the flu. If people must go in public while having the flu, they should cover their coughs and sneezes with their elbow, not their hand, to prevent the spread of germs. People should also wash their hands regularly. With today’s modern flu health scare, there are often hand sanitizer dispensers in public places for everyone to use as they pass.

There are different homeopathic flu remedies for people suffering different symptoms. How people experience flu is often different per person.

Overcome a Stiff Neck

One may choose to go for Home traction devices for a stiff neck, because this brings more stability to the neck. So one can work more easily, be more comfortable and even heal conditions related to a sore neck, like headaches or dizziness.

Home traction devices operate by providing traction to a particular part of the body, which is very similar to getting a massage from a professional chiropractor. As the neck is tractioned, it creates more space between the vertebrae, so any underlying conditions, like a pinched nerve in the neck is healed. The nerves get more room to breathe, the neck heals. Correspondingly, it also heals ailing arms, hands or headaches, because nerves move from the neck to the arms, and hands. So as the nerve endings at the spine get more room to breathe, the related conditions are healed.

Another way of seeing this is that as we provide decompression to a sore neck, the circulation improves. So the entire body feels better. The quality of sleep improves and the feeling of nausea and dizziness disappears.

Have you been bothered by a stiff neck, recurring headaches, general weakness or a pain that

Eat To Beat Common Cold

1. Garlic. While not classed as food, if you add garlic to as many dishes as you do eat, you will be much better off. Garlic is a potent immune booster and can also help kill unwanted infections in your body as well. Garlic kills unwanted viruses and bacteria thanks to the level of allicin it contains: allicin is an active component that offers antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

2. Sweet Potatoes. To help give you an energizing boost, sweet potatoes should be your go-to. You do need to eat some carbs while trying to beat a cold even if you aren’t very active right now; it’s these carbs that will give you the energy you need to fight the infection.

Sweet potatoes are great because not only will they help to keep your blood sugar levels stable, but also they’re also a very rich source of vitamin A, which is essential for maintaining your mucosal surfaces. Since these mucosal surfaces are your first defense against infection, they’ll help prevent any further unwanted viruses or bacteria from entering your body.

3. Kale. Preparing yourself a kale salad is another excellent idea when you are down with the common cold.

About Baby Cold

Since your baby’s immune system is still unseasoned he is extremely vulnerable to the cold pathogens. Sneezing and coughing by infected people leaves germs in the air which can create havoc with the little creature’s immune system, also it can spread via physical contact with the infected person or surfaces.
Symptoms: sneezing, sore throat, runny nose and difficulty is swallowing.

Cough can be a serious or trivial condition depending on the baby’s age. If your tot is less than 4 months old, then it can be something to worry about, specially in winters, as it could be some dangerous viral infection. For baby older than a year cough is less distressing as it can be due to a common cold or at times body’s reflex action to clear the throat and nasal airways.

The flu or the influenza virus is airborne, highly contagious and spreads in much the same way as the common cold. If flu is widespread in your community then you need to watch out for the symptoms more cautiously. More often than not, flu can be easily identified by the doctor,however in some cases tests maybe needed, specially is your

Use Blood Glucose Monitors

1) Open the package with extreme caution.

2) Make sure that you have washed your hands with mild soap before proceeding further.

3) Take out the lancing device, glucose monitoring strips and the blood glucose monitor.

4) Insert a fresh (unused) lance in the lancing device. Now you need to set it to 3, which is usually achieved by rotating the base. Prime it.

5) Insert the code chip into the receptacle.

6) Once you’re done, turn on the device and wait till a code appears on the digital display. If no code appears, it means that the monitor and test strip is not synchronized properly.

7) Take out an unused glucose strip and be ready with it. Hold the lancing device vertically on the tip of your finger and release the trigger. A fine and tiny hole will be punctured in your skin. If you can’t see a small drop of blood, you might press around the area till you can.

8) Switch on the blood glucose monitor and pause until the blood icon flashes. After that, sweep the end of the glucose strip athwart the drop of blood.

Cure Psoriasis

1. Flax Seed Oil: Taking a regular dose of flax seed oil or even fish oil has been known to help people with this condition. You will want to begin taking at least 1500 mg per day of fish oil.

2. Detergent: There are certain detergents that can be extremely harsh and cause your psoriasis to continue breaking out and become inflamed. Avoid detergents that contain any type of harsh chemicals and perfumes and begin using detergents that are geared for children to wash your clothing.

3. Diet: Unfortunately, we all know that most of us do not eat enough of the right types of food. In fact, most of us do not realize that we a lot of junk; if you are currently suffering from this skin condition then you may want to begin eating more green raw vegetables that will be better for your body and provide it with the nutrients and vitamins that it needs.

4. Vitamin D: Chances are your body may not be getting enough Vitamin D to help fight off this skin condition. If you attempt to avoid the sun every day; begin spending at least 30 minutes each

Remedy for Nail Fungus

Hence everyone needs to be cautious about this painful ailment and if it cannot be prevented at all, then it is more likely that the patients will look out for some easy home remedies for quick relief, rather than the expensive medicines and ointments prescribed by the doctors for its cure.

So hereby, some easily available home remedies are discussed which are sure to be beneficial for the patients suffering from nail fungus.

Application of garlic juice and vinegar – Garlic is always considered as a very effective herbal treatment for any kind of fungal infection, due to its anti fungal quality. Hence, when few cloves of garlic are crushed to make a paste and mixed with a little amount of white vinegar, this mixture makes a wonderful remedy for nail fungus, if applied directly on the infected nails regularly. The daily consumption of raw garlic with water is also a good option for preventing fungal attack.

Soaking of nails in diluted apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is known for its highly acidic nature, which has proved to be effective in killing the fungi and thus stopping their growth on the infected nails.

Alkaline Water

Why is it that some believe alkaline water can cure cancer? According to the manufacturers of the ionizing machine it’s because the water becomes an anti-oxidant. What this means is that it takes on surplus electrons that can then get rid of “free radicals”. Free radical damage in the body is supposed to be the cause of serious diseases like arthritis and cancer.

Getting rid of free radicals (which are presumed to be running unchecked in our bodies) will reverse these terrible diseases.

While this sounds very plausible, it doesn’t take into account that our bodies actually have devastatingly powerful NATURAL anti-oxidants which are MILLIONS of times more effective!

A bit of a problem crops here. Is alkaline ionized water REALLY an anti-oxidant as claimed? Well, consider this: Did you know that alkaline water can bleach the color from iodine? What is significant about this? It does this (wait for it… ) because it’s an OXIDANT! Think of bleach. The oxidizing power of bleach can do the same thing!
Anti-oxidant that can cure cancer? I don’t think so.


All your body fluids

Healing With Light

The applicator, a small diode inserted in the nose and a low-intensity dose of laser light 655mm applied to the blood vessels.

You should note that the nose the perfect host for this treatment. As our nose one of the parts of the human body with the highest number of blood capillaries closest to the skin surface.

After a 25 minutes used of intranasal therapy, it visibly see red blood cells under a microscope in their good form with fewer clumping and this indicates efficient blood circulation and the ability to transport oxygen and minerals throughout the body. The application of this device experts recommend every day at least once or twice.

The Intranasal Light Therapy device maintained by a good number of scientific proofed and evidence that breaks down its inner mechanisms and efficiency to fight against many diseases.

For safety purposes, users are only required to avert looking at the source of light for the device.

The device works by triggering a biological response and transferring photonic energy to the tissue and this energy modulates all biological processes and linked systems of the tissues.

The body activates to return its

Home Remedies for Cough


Probiotics are not able to give direct relief from a cough, but still able to help balance the build up of bacteria in the intestines. By controlling the bacteria it is possible to promote the immune system to make it more efficient at fighting off the cough. Probiotics are naturally found in several foods, including sourdough breads, miso soup and some yogurt types.


Bromelain is a type of enzyme found in fruit like the pineapple. It is useful for loosening the build up of mucus in the throat and to suppress further coughs. The best way to introduce bromelain to the diet is to drink a glass of pineapple juice two or three times per day, or simply eat a slice of fresh fruit.

This enzyme can have other useful benefits such as treating swelling and inflammation, as well as allergy-based sinus issues.


Peppermint leaves act much like a decongestant to help break down mucus and soothe the throat. The preferred way to benefit from this remedy is a regular drink of peppermint tea. Alternatively, it is possible to inhale peppermint vapors by creating a steam bath consisting of


Understanding your triggers for stress will also provide the information you need, to combat the situation before it rises to an unmanageable level. Use the tips below to provide the self-care required to maintain your well being in your role as caregiver.

1. Your needs

Determine what is it that you do now or have done in the past to eliminate your stress. There are many ways to reduce, or eliminate stress. Some common activities include – deep breathing, physical & mental exercises, meditation, comedy clubs or movies, 7-9 hours of sleep per night, petting your dog or cat, and massage. Think about what you usually do to tone it down when faced with a stressful situation.

2. Schedule ‘me time’ regularly

The definition of ‘me time’, and the regularity will be different for everyone. For some it could mean something as small as a 15 minute warm, bubble bath. For others it could mean a two hour lunch with the girls. It actually means whatever it takes for you to unwind, and recharge.

3. Let your emotions come out

Realize that caregiving is a tough job, and most care recipients understand

Hopsice Program

Your doctor has likely dealt with most of the programs surrounding your hospital. Ask for his opinion on the matter. If a member of his or her family were to need hospice care, where would he send them? What criteria does he base that decision on? Does he have a personal connection with that facility that influences his decision? Have previous patients complained to him about any specific programs? Your doctor is a valuable resource for information, so use it to the fullest extent.

How does the program communicate with the hospital?
Are the workers and volunteers up to speed on your loved one’s condition, or will you need to provide a copy of the medical records yourself? Will they be sending updates to your doctor? Make sure that the service you are entrusting with the last days of someone’s life is playing an active role in their treatment plan.

How are services provided after hours?
How many staff are available at night? Who will be available to administer treatments after hours? How many after hours staff are volunteers? How thoroughly have the volunteers been trained on your loved one’s treatment program?

What services are