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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Citronella Oil

1. Mosquito repellent: Citronella works by masking the smells that mosquitoes use to locate humans. Citronella oil has a rather lemony citrus smell that mosquitoes tend to avoid. Citronella mosquito repellents include patches, bands, creams, lotions, gels, candles, diffusers, vaporizers etc. of these the bands and patches are the most efficient ones. Bands and patches are easy to use either slapped on the hand and ankle, stuck on clothes, caps strollers etc. The only drawback with these is the fact that they need frequent re-application. Apart from that these are by far the safest mosquito repellents for kids.

2. Antiseptic: Citronella has antiseptic properties. It sanitizes wounds and prevents infection. It is Mother Nature’s own antiseptic. However, one should exercise caution about the amount and method of using citronella oil as an antiseptic for the young ones. Citronella while mostly safe can cause allergies, irritation and itching on the skin if not used with proper caution. A few drops of citronella oil can be added to the water used to clean wounds and also when cleaning floors to sanitize the surface.

3. Deodorant: A lot of kids as they grow older tend to have body odor issues due to hormonal changes and food habits. Citronella is an effective natural deodorant. It’s best that kids stay away from alcohol and chemical laden deo sprays that can cause health issues for them. Use a couple of drops of good quality citronella essential oil in the bathing water to tackle body odor issues naturally. Plus it leaves the kids smelling citrusy fresh all day long

4. Mood elevator: Kids tend to have their gloomy days. Nothing better than diffusing some drops of citronella to elevate their mood. It is a known anti-depressant. It helps kids feel happier and up lifts their mood without them even knowing. It is a good way to wake kids up to the smell of citronella. It helps keep them more alert and active.

Stay Cool This Summer

Don’t eat big meals. Nibble on some biscuits if you are feeling peckish. You can choose Oreos, Marie Biscuits, Tennis Biscuits, Romany Creams, or Lemon Creams. Your local cash and carry wholesaler will have a big variety of flavours for you to choose from. Eating a big meal will make you feel hotter, as digestion takes up a lot of energy and this generates body heat. Stay cooler by eating smaller portions and drinking ice cold bottled water or juice.

Wear light coloured clothes. Dark colours absorb much more heat than light ones, so stay clear of black. White, beige and light pastel colours are the best shades to wear during unbearable heat waves.

Use water. We all know the best way to cool down or keep cool is to drink water. Drink bottled water such as Aquella, Avian, and Nestle to cool off. If you don’t have a swimming pool, you can still make a little water go a long way. Dab a cloth with water and put it on the pressure points of your body, namely, your wrist, temples, elbows and all joint creases. Drinking ice cold water will cool the body down quicker. Remember don’t waste water as it is precious.

Get Rid of Swollen Ankles

Water retention is the body’s lack of ability to rid itself of excess water resulting in tissues holding on to more than necessary.

Some things to look out for when it comes to retaining water and swelling of the ankles and feet are:

• Noticeable weight gain in a short amount of time, despite diet. There is a direct correlation between the amount of sodium consumed and water retention, which is a reason that overweight people tend to be more susceptible.

• Pain is also a common symptom of swelling. This pain is typically mild and described as uncomfortable.

• If you push on the area for a few seconds and your finger leaves a dent or a divet, that is a most definite sign of swelling in the area.

Problems with Pharmaceuticals

Doctor prescribed medications for water retention and swelling of the ankles are available. These specific drugs are called diuretics or “water pills.” However, like any prescription medication out there they are not without their side effects.

Side effects include:

• Sexual Dysfunction

• Gout

• Dizziness

• Increased urination

• Unreliable blood test results

• Increased sensitivity to light

• Changes in menstruation

The side effects depend on the person ingesting the medication and the type of diuretic being used.

Natural Ways to Treat Ankle Swelling

• Swimming is a great way to treat edema. The body is no longer under the effect of gravity so the water retained in the ankles will be able to disperse throughout the body, reducing swelling.

• Relax and try some Yoga to help ease that swelling. There are a lot of yoga positions that are great for reversing gravity and getting that water moving around your body again.

• Although it may seem counter intuitive, be sure to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. This will help to flush out anything in your body that may be contributing to the swelling. Even better infuse your water with lemon and cucumber. Both of these have anti-inflammatory properties that are sure to not only reduce the inflammation in your ankles but taste refreshing too!

Medical Alert System


Apart from the FCC regulation that applies to all radio transmitting products, many medical alert and personal emergency response products fall outside of regulation as far as user safety is concerned. Most manufacturers have their products tested and listed as compliant with the UL standard for home healthcare signaling equipment (UL1637), however some services are additionally registered with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) because the manufacturers define their Medical Alert products as Medical Devices, for instance Tunstall’s Vi and CEL products used in the Walgreens Ready Response service.

Data Privacy:

Another important aspect of operating a service is maintaining the security of subscriber’s confidential information that may be stored on the services database or discussed during calls. Some but not all providers operate a HIPAA compliant data policy. HIPAA is a federal law that provides for the protection of individually identifiable health information that is transmitted or maintained in any form or medium. The privacy rules affect the day-to-day business operations of all organizations that provide medical care and maintain personal health information.

Paying for a Medical Alert Service:

In the past, a subscriber to a Medical Alert Service would very often have to purchase the equipment and enter into a long term contract for the ongoing monitoring service. These days, most services are paid for with a simple monthly payment that covers the rental of the equipment and the monitoring service and the contract can be terminated by the subscriber whenever they choose.