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A Surgical Facelift Alternative Can Make You Look Years Younger

Many people are looking for the fountain of youth, but it is not found easily. The aging process is not always kind, leaving its marks behind as permanent reminders of a person’s age. Instead of going under the knife for a facelift, there are now many alternatives available. One of the most promising and least invasive is Juvederm.

Lines and Wrinkles Can Be Removed Without Surgery

When lines and wrinkles begin to mar a person’s face, they can make a person look older than their actual age. With Juvederm, these lines and wrinkles can be filled in so the skin is plumped and smoother. A few simple injections can allow a person to take years off of the appearance of their face and regain self-confidence.

This treatment will last four to six months and contains Hyaluronic Acid, which is naturally found in the body. This acid is able to absorb many times its weight in water, allowing for minute amounts to be pumped into lines and wrinkles so they are smoothed out.

What Can Individuals Expect From Treatment?

When a person decides they want to undergo a Juvederm treatment, they will need to make sure their face is clean and free of any makeup or lotions of any kind. The skin will be numbed with a topical treatment so the person does not feel any discomfort from the injections.

The injections are precisely administered in minute amounts at a time. A precise amount must be used so the results look natural. Juvederm injections can be used to plump the lips and fill in hollow areas under the eyes and cheeks, giving a person a more youthful appearance.

After the treatment, redness and slight irritation are normal. It is important to follow the directions of the doctor to ensure proper healing takes place. Juvederm does not require any downtime, so patients can go right back to their regular routine.

With Juvederm, individuals can overcome their lines and wrinkles for smoother and more beautiful skin. If you would like to learn more about this treatment, visit where you can learn more about facelift alternatives.