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Alkaline Water

Why is it that some believe alkaline water can cure cancer? According to the manufacturers of the ionizing machine it’s because the water becomes an anti-oxidant. What this means is that it takes on surplus electrons that can then get rid of “free radicals”. Free radical damage in the body is supposed to be the cause of serious diseases like arthritis and cancer.

Getting rid of free radicals (which are presumed to be running unchecked in our bodies) will reverse these terrible diseases.

While this sounds very plausible, it doesn’t take into account that our bodies actually have devastatingly powerful NATURAL anti-oxidants which are MILLIONS of times more effective!

A bit of a problem crops here. Is alkaline ionized water REALLY an anti-oxidant as claimed? Well, consider this: Did you know that alkaline water can bleach the color from iodine? What is significant about this? It does this (wait for it… ) because it’s an OXIDANT! Think of bleach. The oxidizing power of bleach can do the same thing!
Anti-oxidant that can cure cancer? I don’t think so.


All your body fluids have different pH readings. Some are alkaline others acidic.

An example is stomach acid. It has to have a low pH (Acidic) or your food would never be digested. On the other hand your blood has to be slightly alkaline or you will die. The body has excellent mechanisms for maintaining these balances. So, biologically speaking, alkaline water cannot change these measurements.

If we’re on the subject of biology, why don’t we discuss what would happen if you were to drink a glass of alkaline ionized water? Your very acidic gastric juices will strip the water of alkalinity. So acidic water will enter your intestines. The next step is that pancreatic fluids will neutralize the acidity of the water and make it? – ALKALINE!